August Must Have Jewelry Supplies Collections-New Cabochon Settings will introduce  new arrivals  each month for providing the updated jewelry beads and supplies for your art design. So just keep your attention with the New Arrivals Column.

This month, cabochon settings and bezels settings have becoming a great hot in every corner of the world. They are also the new arrivals that I want to highly recommend.

This collection shown at are of high quality zinc ally material, colorful resin materials and clear glass textures which will satisfied your art works both in fashion modern tone and vintage style. The antique tibetan sliver, antique brass and antique copper cabochons are my favorites, they are so versatile that have already sparked my inspiration ideas. As for shape, they include new rectangular & square and oval-shaped collage pendants and links, lockets and large bezels.

As these collections are new arrivals in August, so it will save you up to 10% discount now!

Have I piqued your interest yet? Take action and make your own cabochon pieces!


Hot weather, hot sun and so is the hot jewelry beads and jewelry supplies online-shopping!

Zacoo knows that every customer concerns the first three essential things before ordering products online : the unlimited selection of the products, the unbeatable price priority and the fast delivery shipping. Last but not the least, we know how important a fast and cheap shipping delivery for our customers’ shopping experience.  Follow me and know more about Shipping Policy of Zacoo.’s distribution team works closely with international carriers such as EMS, Yanwen Express, DHL etc. We offer ail mail post shipping method and expedited shipping methods.

Ail Mail Post Free Shipping

• We offer air mail post shipping method for WORLDWIDE FREE on any order. Delivery times are between 7 – 15 days to all major destinations.

• For orders weight below 3.0kg(s), we offer air mail small parcel for free. We will select EMS air mail small parcel, Hong Kong air mail small parcel or Singapore air mail small parcel for the best and fastest solution.

If you want to receive the item earlier, you may also choose expedited shipping method, and you need to pay for the shipping fee.

• We AUTOMATICALLY UPGRADE larger orders (orders weight above 3.0kg)to expedited shipping for faster delivery for FREE.

Shipping costs are calculated for each order based on the number and weight of items in your order, as well as the shipping method chosen.

Expedited shipping method

• Expedited shipping method is the fastest available. Delivery times are between 5 – 10 days to all major destinations. The expedited shipping methods include EMS, YW Express and DHL.

• Customers are welcome to choose expedited shipping methods. We will select EMS, DHL, or Yanwen Express for the best and fastest solution. Also, you can contact us to choose the international carriers you prefer. Shipping costs vary with products’ weight, but all orders that use expedited shipping will receive great discount on shipping costs.

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All orders must be processed before they are shipped. The total time to receive your order is split into two parts: Processing Time and Delivering Time.

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• This estimate may vary during holiday season.
• Please note that we reserve the right to select the best expedited shipping methods(EMS/YW Express/DHL) for your order.

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Tibetan silver beads, what makes we love them

There are plenty of fashion people love Tibetans silver beads, and Tibetan jewelry made by Tibetan silver beads. Tibetan silver beads, what makes we love them so much? Tibetan silver beads are not made by 925 sterling silver. As for materials, it is a unique blend of metals that is perfect for jewelry making and reasonably priced.

Tibetan Style Spacer Beads, made of zinc alloy, Antique Brass, Round, 8mm long, 8mm wide, 8mm thick

Tibetan Style Spacer Beads

Tibetan silver beads are not only a kind of jewelry beads, but also is culture. In Tibetan, young and old love the decorations themselves, Tibetan silver beads jewelry plays an important, traditional role in dress, spirituality, and life. Tibet is a Buddhist nation, which is reflected strongly in its jewelry. Tibetans use jewelry as a means to keep them close to deities.

Amongst so many jewelry beads, Tibetan silver beads is one of the most traditional, mysterious and exotic beads. You can wholesale Tibetan silver beads at jewelry supplies stores to make a piece of Tibetan jewelry, Tibetan jewelry is among the most finely crafted in the world today, as the highly craft-making Tibetan silver beads.

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Acrylic beads bring you into a world blazing with color

Acrylic beads also named as plastic beads. They have an appearance similar to glass beads. However, acrylic beads have properties that make it superior to glass beads in many ways. One of the advantages of acrylic beads is that they can wear for years. It has high durability and it wears well.

Acrylic Beads, Orange, Flower, 16x16x9mm

Acrylic Beads

Acrylic beads can be divided into many types such as AB-Plated acrylic beads, alphabet acrylic beads, antique acrylic beads, dice acrylic beads, dreamlike fancy acrylic beads, foil acrylic beads, jelly-like acrylic beads, miracle acrylic beads, pearl acrylic beads, solid acrylic beads, stardust acrylic beads, transparent acrylic beads. According to the shape of acrylic beads, they can also be divided into many types, like animal ones, butterfly ones, faceted ones, flower ones, heart ones, leaf ones, round and irregular ones. In a word, jewelry supplies and acrylic beads bring you into a world blazing with color and give you a feeling of fantastic.

Acrylic beads are an economical option to glass beads for the budget conscious. With vast improvement in technology, acrylic beads are durable, of high quality, affordable and extreme light. For these characters, acrylic beads are loved by many jewelry designers.

As one of the most famous jewelry suppliers and wholesale beads, we provide various kind of fabulous acrylic beads. You can enjoy free shipping if you pick up whatever you like. Moreover, there are many other kinds of beads you may interesting. Tibetan style beads and jewelry findings are all our bestseller. So just seize this opportunity and pick up whatever you like. Welcome to our site and you won’t be disappointed.

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Wholesale Tibetan silver beads for super Tibetan jewelry making

Jewelers always know what jewelry items are fashionable, as they are the designers leading the fashion. Tibetan jewelry is at the top of their designs, as Tibetan jewelry is a more mysterious and exotic, which attract the attention of the fashion ladies, also the men.

Tibetan jewelry refers to the jewelry make by Tibetan style beads, Tibetan style charms or pendants. A quick look at the market, you will find plenty of accounts of Tibetan jewelry making supplies like the Tibetan charms, pendants, Tibetan silver beads and some others in different colors, styles and sizes. All these can be used to form necklaces, bracelets and earrings…

Tibetan style charms

Tibetan style charms

Tibetan jewelry is very popular today, as a jewelry supplies provider from china we are pride that we can Tibetan style beads and Tibetans charms section for all the jewelry designers. Tibetan silver beads not only beadwork designers’ items, even you are a beginner, your can also use Tibetan silver beads to make a Tibetan jewelry for yourself. If you are like the feeling of exotic, you can design your Tibetan jewelry with Tibetan style jewelry findings, you can find the Tibetan style bead caps, clasps, bails, spacers at my site.

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Tibetan style spacer beads

No matter you are beading a bracelet or a necklace, you may need the spacer beads in your jewelry designs. Spacer beads are used as accent beads in-between other beads to create more interest in a design. The most popular ones are Tibetan style spacer beads. Tibetan style beads are a great way to add a little detail to any bead jewelry items like bracelet or necklace.

Tibetan silver spacer beads, antique brass color

Tibetan silver spacer beads

Spacer beads are usually the little beads, they are not big like barrel beads, but they’re still beautifully detailed and charming. Simply adding a few Tibetan style spacer beads here and there will break up the monotony of your design, create some sparkle and interest. Add just one or two, or put one between all your jewelry beads, they help add detail without taking up too much space!

Tibetan style spacer beads can add pretty to your finished jewelry, if you are interested in other Tibetan style beads, visit china wholesale beads store then you can find more such as Tibetan silver beads, Tibetan style charms, Tibetan style bead caps… etc. Tibetan style jewelry supplies.

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Best place to buy jewelry supplies

When it comes to beading, we can not make a jewelry piece without jewelry supplies. As to A good start is the half of success, so purchasing jewelry making supplies like wholesale beads, findings, wires, and tools for beading is the essential for handmade jewelry.

Tibetan style beads & charms

Tibetan style beads & charms

When buying products, we all want to meet a reputable seller. is such kind of supplier from china. We have 20,000+ beads, supplies and findings, and continue we launch new products every week. We aims to offer high quality beading needs at the lowest to all over the world with free shipping.

In addition to the website, we also provide our products at the platforms such as E-bay, Etsy, Alibaba… The jewelry supplies on my website and platforms are bought from China. Tibetan silver beads are best seller, while flower resin cabochons, clip on charms, European beads are all the new arrivals. Zacoo is an ideal place for you to purchasing jewelry making supplies.

Brief History and Awards about zacoo and my company

Apr 2004 Launched e-retail business of beads and jewelry findings in eBay in UK

Oct 2004 Won the “Power Seller” prize in eBay

Mar 2008 Launched

Aug 2008 Launched e-retail business of beads and jewelry findings in eBay in US

Dec 2009 Won the “Powerful Seller Golden Prize” in eBay

Dec 2009 Launched e-retail business of beads and jewelry findings in eBay in DE

May 2010 Launched

July 2010 Launched e-retail business of beads and jewelry findings in eBay in Australia

Sep 2010 Set up two warehouse in the South of China

Oct 2010 Won the “Top Rated Seller” prize in eBay

Dec 2010 Won “Good Buyers Satisfaction Powerful Seller Prize

May 2011 ZACOO beads and jewelry supplies are sold in over 55 countries worldwide

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Jewelry and handmade jewelry

Welcome to my DIY jewelry blog. When it comes to jewelry, we can easily find fashion women wear jewelry whatever the occasion and whatever the reason. Sure, the fact is a woman cannot part away with a piece of jewelry. The reason why jewelry are so popular is that wearing jewelry is an asset and a form of self expression, as the jewelry you wear gives you confidence and reflects your personality. Jewelry has already become a part of our lives.

resin cabochons

resin cabochons

To some extent, we can not leave the pretty jewelry in our daily lives, well, selecting a piece of jewelry is a difficult task, which is similar to picking your wardrobe. As you should select something that matches your personal style and that you are comfortable wearing in. Getting beading jewelry supplies are easy, thus the beaded jewelry by yourself meet your need, for you have many more beads to chose from, choose your style of beads, and create your style of jewelry with them.

The most common and popular beads used to handmade jewelry are Tibetan silver beads, European beads, glass lampwork beads, handmade porcelain beads, also the gemstones are among them.
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Vintage cameos or cabochons

Morning, everyone. As you may notice, vintage are often used to describe jewelry, or jewelry supplies. What exactly does it mean when we refer to an item as vintage? Vintage items are items that we do not buy new directly from the manufacturer. These items can come from any number of sources and are of unknown age. They may have been originally produced as far back as the 1940′s on the other hand we may buy the left over components from a jewelry manufacturer that is currently selling off excess inventory.

cameos, cabochons

cameos, cabochons

I know that there are a number of designers and jewelers out there that like to buy only “vintage” using that as an added selling point. But the vintage style jewelry is charming. Vintage cameo can used to make handmade jewelry items like pendants, rings are others. If you are interested in vintage cameos or resin cabochons, see more articles from our previous DIY jewelry blog, and you can also find the pretty cameo or cabochon at my site:

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Jewelry making needs

Jewelry making needs

In order to create and finish unique jewelry pieces, essential jewelry supplies are needed. Sure, whether making earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pins, or other pieces to wear or give as gifts, a jewelry designer needs some basic jewelry making supplies to create their jewelry designs.



There are lots of jewelry supplies sellers online and offline, they sell every type of bead you can imagine in every size and shape possible like the Tibetan silver beads, European beads, crystals, resin cabochons… the findings they providing are from bails to links, from bead caps to crimp beads… They are easy to find and transform into beautiful pieces of jewelry, you just can choose what you will use in design. Once the jewelry making supplies are purchased, the desired jewelry product can be as simple or elaborate as the crafter wants.


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