Jewelry making tools all about jewelry making

Designing and making your own pieces of jewelry can be an entertaining and long-lasting hobby. The old saying goes: Even a clever housewife cannot cook a meal without rice, so a jewelry maker requires materials and tools for jewelry making, such as jewelry findings for jewelry making, jewelry beads, and pliers, wire and etc. Today our topic is about jewelry making tools.
Once these tools are mastered a jewelry maker is ready to begin to learn the basics of design so that he or she can create beautiful pieces of handmade jewelry to wear, give away, or sell.
Crimping Pliers: These jaws are especially made for crimping crimp beads and deliver professional crimped results.
Chain Nose Pliers: These jaws taper to a sharp point and can be used to access small spaces. May be used to crimp crimp beads.
Measuring Tape: Use a measuring tape to ensure that your pieces will be the required length while you are designing them.
Round Nose Pliers: These jaws are round and are used for making round loops out of wire.
Scissors: This is a sharp scissors that is useful in jewelry making. Do not use to cut wire, however.
Bead Board: This is a portable board with grooves and hollows that allows you to plan a design and organize the jewelry beads you are using for a particular project.
Wire Cutters: There are several different styles of wire cutters designed for different uses. The most versatile wire cutter is a flush cutter.
Beat Mat: This is a mat that is placed on a work surface that helps to prevent beads from rolling away and becoming lost.
Flat Nose Pliers: These jaws are flat and do not taper. May be used to hold wire while working or to wrap loops of wire.
Beading Needle: Useful for stringing beads onto beading thread.
Jewelry Files: Used for filing down sharp edges from trimmed wire.