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Zacoo, though involved in beads and beads supplies industry in 2005, has a vigorous post-80s team that is creative, young, professional and approachable etc..

Are you likely to find a kind of expanded “about” page that includes information on individual employees? Yeah, they are dying to meet you too!

This page is all about Eric, a website products editor sitting in front of me. Grab the best seat and get set to know about her.

Here is a little more about him, in his own words:

Introduce yourself (your name and where you grew up)

I am Zhang Qiming, you can call me Eric in English. I was born in Da Qing City, Hei Longjiang Province and I just spent my 20th birthday with my friends.

Tell us about it (the city/town you live in)

Daqing is well famous for its rich resource of oil, while it’s still the city of oil painting. It’s totally two different worlds.

Another feature I want to mention is that our town is located among beautiful lakes and rivers.

Name 3 things you never leave home without.

Mobile phone, wallet and sun glasses.

What do you do at

I love work at Zacoo where I can learn lots of knowledge of jewelry industry and improve my ability of communication with others.

Zacoo has more than 100 thousands of products with high quality and competitive price. Yes, they all sourced and purchased by me from different companies. So you know my daily work :>

What are your favorite’s products at

Acrylic BeadsCrystal BeadsPorcelain Beads,Pandora Style Beads are my favorites.

What’s your goal?

I want to be the best in purchasing goods in our industry.

Based on my daily work, I think to set up an effective electronic information system is important for our logistical department. It can greatly save labor cost and reduce the mistakes in our work. I hope one day, with this information system, we can monitor the shortages and repurchase them timely, or we could make a quotation to our customers when they make an inquire to us… Wow, the benefit is countless..

What are your interests outside the Zacoo?

I am busy on work but I will spare my time on reading novel, listening to the music and watching movies with friends.

I love Michael Jackson’s dance, Sylvester Gardenzo Stallone’s The Expendable, they make me crazy.

During my spare time, I also take some sports like play badminton and basketball. Like lots of people, my idol is Air Jordan.

Pick 3 words to describe your personal style

Energetic, honesty, trustful, kind hearted.

Eric’s Fun Facts:

*Eric loves to wear sunglasses on sunny days, rainy days, cloudy days…It makes his cool, maybe. There are two pictures below for comparison and you can judge it yourself.

*Eric is generous to his workmates and friends around him.

* Though he is charge of product sourcing, he loves hand making and will make little gifts to his friends and workmates, especially for girls. Lol…

(I am lucky that I saw he made a bracelet for a girl :>)

*Eric is losing on weight to make him more handsome and manhood.

Let’s see pictures of him…

Jewelry and handmade jewelry

Welcome to my DIY jewelry blog. When it comes to jewelry, we can easily find fashion women wear jewelry whatever the occasion and whatever the reason. Sure, the fact is a woman cannot part away with a piece of jewelry. The reason why jewelry are so popular is that wearing jewelry is an asset and a form of self expression, as the jewelry you wear gives you confidence and reflects your personality. Jewelry has already become a part of our lives.

resin cabochons

resin cabochons

To some extent, we can not leave the pretty jewelry in our daily lives, well, selecting a piece of jewelry is a difficult task, which is similar to picking your wardrobe. As you should select something that matches your personal style and that you are comfortable wearing in. Getting beading jewelry supplies are easy, thus the beaded jewelry by yourself meet your need, for you have many more beads to chose from, choose your style of beads, and create your style of jewelry with them.

The most common and popular beads used to handmade jewelry are Tibetan silver beads, European beads, glass lampwork beads, handmade porcelain beads, also the gemstones are among them.
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Jewelry making needs

What is the real allure of beaded jewelry?

Wholesale beads, jewelry supplies, jewelry findings from zacoo

Making Beaded fashion and charming Jewelry is alleged to be the most favorite hobby today. Many of jewelry designers are just doing it as a past time, and some take it as a professional way of building a business. No matter which kind of jewelry making, making beaded jewelry should not be difficult when you have prepared necessary jewelry making materials and when you know how to make jewelry and have design methods. After that the last thing and the most important thing is add your fresh ideas to inspire and increase your creative. Jewelry supplies is necessity in jewelry making. Supplies for making beaded jewelry involved beads, jewelry supplies, and jewelry findings to finish one’s jewelry design.
Beads can be given any kind of materials and also can be made varies of color, size, shapes. There are various kinds of beads which includes:
Acrylic beads (Being made by plastic, acrylic beads can be given any kind of shape, such as animal acrylic beads, butterfly acrylic beads, faceted acrylic beads, flower acrylic beads, heart acrylic beads, leaf acrylic beads, round acrylic beads or even irregular shaped acrylic beads)
Metal beads
Porcelain beads
Crystal beads
Tibetan style beads
Wood & Nut beads
Pandora style beads
Glass beads (Lampwork beads are the most popular beads for making glass beads jewelry)
Gemstone beads
The fact is that beads are most necessary and the most components of beading jewelry, no matter you are designing jewelry necklace, beaded bracelet or even you are designing a pair of earring, however there are many other jewelry making items are necessary for beaded jewelry.
These items are:
Jewelry chains
Jewelry charms
Apparel and accessory
Stringing materials
Jewelry findings are the components that structure jewelry and are usually used to bind the jewelry itself. Without jewelry findings a jewelry designer can not finish her/his beaded jewelry. Common findings include the following:
crimp beads
Jumps rings
Head pins and eye pins
Earring findings

The fun of beading jewelry with beads

Making jewelry is a way to express your creativity with combinations of color, texture and style.Wear the jewelry design by yourself is a wonderful feeling, as it personalizes your jewelry, the others would praise your design like that: woo, how did you make it? It is very beautiful and charming, lovely jewelry. The process of beading jewelry with beads also give you fun. You can also handmade jewelry with beads as a gift to friends, parents, classmates, they will love you jewelry very much. There are virtually unlimited numbers of beading projects that you can get started with. Jewelry beads are available in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and styles. Acrylic beads, porcelain beads,gemstone beads, Tibetan style beads, glass beads, wood & nut beads, choose your favorite beads adding to you jewelry design and buy them online store, which providing wholesale beads or retail beads, and even jewelry supplies for jewelry making, as online buying you have many choose and advantages you can consider online shopping beads and supplies for fashion jewelry. One of the most popular types of beading design work is the bracelet. A complement bracelet is very easy to do and there are also many different varieties of charm bracelets and memory wire bracelets that you can sink your teeth into. Necklaces are great place to start and are also the most popular beading project. Necklaces can be as simple or as complex as you feel like making them and there are lots of different styles and ideas that you can try. The easy designs can be completed in an hour or two, while something extravagant might take one or more days to complete. Adding a charming fashion jewelry charms to your necklaces to make the design different. Also in the top three is earrings. I think we are beginning to see a pattern here – jewelry. Earrings are very easy to reproduce and can be as large as you would want them to be, but be careful about making them too heavy or they will pull on your lobes of the wearer.

Jewelry supplies for beaded jewelry, beading jewelry and handmade fashion jewelry

The jewelry making supplies for fashion jewelry that are required for making beading jewelry are basically jewelry wire, jewelry beads and jewelry findings.  Today we will discuss these three jewelry supplies categories.
 Jewelry Beads are decorative items made from a variety of materials that in general have a hole used for holding the bead in position in your jewelry.  Beads can be made of glass, plastic, wood, stone, metal, bone, and semi-precious or precious materials. We is an online supplier providing wholesale beads, such as metal beads, acrylic beads, Tibetan style beads, crystal beads…, jewelry supplies for fashion handmade jewelry making and jewelry supplies for beading jewelry. Some examples of jewelry beads for fashion jewelry making that are:
Acrylic beads
Tibetan style beads
Crystal beads
Porcelain beads
Pewter Beads
Lampwork beads
Pandora Style Beads
Jewelry wire is in general brass, copper, silver, gold, silver-plated, gold-plated or gold-filled wire. For making fashion jewelry the most common gauges are 16, 18, 20, and 22 gauge.  24 and 26 gauge are used, but less frequently.  For making permanent wire components, usually 16, 18 or 20 gauge wire will be used, but beginners should avoid 16 gauge because it is harder to work with.  For connecting wire components with the wrapped bead link, frequently 22 gauge wire will be used.
Jewelry findings are jewelry making components like clasps, head pins, ear wires, jump rings, and other manufactured or hand made components.  Some examples of jewelry findings for fashion jewelry making that are rather important for making jewelry and should be purchased by anyone getting started in making jewelry are:
Head Pins
Jump Rings
Earring Findings
Eye pins
Head pins
There are many other categories of jewelry findings, such as Bails, Bead Caps, Cabochons, Links, Spacers, Bead Frames, Bookmarks, Bead Cages, but the six identified above are in general more important and necessary for most beginning jewelry making projects. A beginner would be well served by purchasing some inexpensive head pins, clasps and ear wires to be used for making jewelry.

Porcelain Beads, one of first types of mankind jewelry beads

Jewelry Beads are used for a variety of purposes. The most common use of jewelry beads is in jewelry making. Porcelain Beads are also used for jewelry makings. Porcelain Beads are our new jewelry products in wholesale beads. Porcelain is also known as kaolin or china clay. Porcelain is dense and has white color that becomes translucent when fired. The finished porcelain beads have excellent smooth surfaces. To make porcelain beads, china clay is fired at high temperatures, generally at 2300 F (1200 C) or even higher temperatures.
Porcelain Beads are becoming very popular for making Porcelain Bead jewelry and also as craft beads. Porcelain Beads (Clay beads) were perhaps among first few types of beads that were made by mankind.
Painted porcelain jewelry, a craze in the later part of the 1800s, retains all its attractive features today although no longer considered rare or too expensive. However, it seems to be only a matter of time before collectors make a rush for them again. At the end of the nineteenth century, pieces of this jewelry beads were typically shaped as small horseshoes or half moon pins worn by women during the late Victorian and Edwardian period. The most attractive items among painted porcelain jewelry were undoubtedly scenic brooches, which can easily be called miniature pieces of art.