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Happy Beading by Quick-made Rings for this Spring

To make yourself a unique jewelry is not a big deal if you find out quick made jewelry supplies-Ring Settings and Resin Flower Cabochon. These two product lines can inspire unbelievable creation impossibility that is all determined by you. No complicated beading techniques, no color matching rules, no kidding!

Moreover, glass cabochon with digital collage sheets, zinc alloy settings with resin cameos are all kinds of quick made jewelry supplies.

Have fun and think as much as ideas to glue them together! Big surprises are awaiting you to explore and experience!

Christmas Is Almost Here Be Sure To Plan Ahead

Christmas is almost here! Christmas trees, Santa clause, Christmas wreath, snowflake ornaments, Christmas candy cane have been lifted to shelves of stores.

When Christmas holiday is drawing nearer and nearer, people start getting in the mood and begin making plans to decorate your surroundings for the purpose of creating a strong festival atmosphere.  To make relevant Christmas jewelry is one of the must-to-do things. Never brother too much on that task as I am going to  introduce you an easy and fast way to finish Christmas themed  jewelry projects.

Yes, that is Christmas themed resin cameos and cabochons that carved with traditional Christmas icons and colors.

These resin cameos are flat in back and can be used for anything that could be sticked on, like  mount and settings, resin cabochons, bezels, art papers etc.. In addition that, you can also make holes to use it as a focal pendents since resin products are easy to make a whole with. To know more creative and fashion ways of using resin cameo, click this blog: What Can You Do With Cameos and try the ways  by yourself.

What can You do with Cameos?

Today, cameos are favorite accessories that have brought great joy for jewelry makers and crafters. Cameos are rich in both color and images. You can find that they often associated with images of beautiful women, animals, angels, rose flowers, skulls, Zombi, human organs, geometric designs and other shapes. The material for cameos may also vary from seashell, coral, stones, resin, glass etc. All the integrated characteristics provide a border space of cameo jewelry design.


As resin is the most widely used new material on the market now, I have gathered a comprehensive resource of ways you can do with a resin cameo in this passage.

Firstly, let’s get to know some basic way to handle with cameo. Cameo jewelry making projects do not have to be difficult. In fact, you can make easy cameo bracelets and cameo necklaces with just a few supplies.

1. Find a flat setting for a cameo.

–You may find a flat setting that you like. A flat setting requires gluing your cameo in place because a flat setting doesn’t have prongs. Use a jeweler’s glue to set your cameo in place, making sure that the glue will not destroy or damage the cameo’s material.

–Another possibility is a snap set. A snap set includes prongs that will hold your cameo in place. You can adjust the prongs using a rubber tipped jeweler’s pliers.

Now you can design your cameo necklaces and bracelets.

You can also add beads or pearls around the cameo to present it as the focal piece of a necklace or bracelet. For materials that you are going to use for the basis of your jewelry, just take your imagination and pocketbook and have fun! Wire, chains or stringing material such as ribbon, all are decided by you.

2. Get the resin cameos drilled.
Resin cameos are easily drilled. You can drill a hole wherever you like for different purpose and effect. Drill holes at the bottom to add dangles or on each side to use as a centerpiece for beaded work. Drill a hole halfway in the cameo and then glue in a rhinestone or pearl.

Next, to make your cameo jewelry outstanding among others, try some different ways and make a change with the resin cameos.

1. Grind or sand or use a nail file and make into any shape you want.

–Grind the cameo into any shape you wish like squares or triangles.

–Sometimes measurements are not accurate and filing them down a little will fit the frame.

–Wire wrapping is a lot easier if you use a small drill to make a small notch on the side. It helps giving you something to hang onto when starting.

–You can also use the drill to remove some additional decorations you don’t want.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to altering cameos.Make your own mosaic pieces by cutting out the pieces of a cameo!

2. Repaint the cameos if you don’t like the original colors.

–You can make the resin any color, or make 2 or 3 (or more) colors for different parts of it. However, mixing colors sometimes resulted in unexpected effects. Well who knows it will definitely be a disaster? To make a set of zombie cameos is not a bad idea !

3. Make parts and pieces from a cameo use some other techniques.

Work with resin cameo and get more pleasure by trying new ways!!
If you want to get inspired,see editor picked cameo jewelry pieces in my blog’s Photo Albums.

To know more knowledge about cameo, you can go to Zacoo’s Bead Knowledge Base.