Simple Vintage Glass Cabochon Ring Tutorial



It’s Friday! Get some jewelry beads and supplies prepared for the following weekend and make yourself a stylish and delightful jewelry pieces like rings, brooches etc.?

If you still don’t have come out an inspiration idea, why not follow me about this post to learn about making an vintage style ring with glass cabochon. You will see it’s as easy as a piece of cake.

Firstly, prepare for the materials and tools for this project. Get some vintage style ring settings and the correspondent glass cabochons. Selecting your favorite digital collage sheet and make it the same size with ring settings and glass cabochons.

All tools you need are glues and a pair of scissors. I use the E6000 Clear Adhesive Glue.


While for my experience, i highly recommend you to use Diamond Glaze, Super Glue or Sun and Moon Glaze etc for instead, as they are much easier to control and produces virtually no bubbles.

Add some glue to the center of the ring setting.

Stick tightly the digital collage sheet to the the ring setting.

Add some glue to the center of the collage sheet, then press the glass cabochon directly on the ring setting.

Press the glass cabochon still for several seconds for the purpose of squeezing the bubbles out.

 Congratulations! You have made a pretty night owls rings.

Wow….my other art works this afternoon…