Two reasons tell you why wholesale beads in bulk

Beads wholesale have become a fashion recently. Any jewelry maker or beading fans would need the help of beads to create finished jewelry pieces, like a pair of earring, a necklace or a bracelet. As the beads are a must for jewelry making, wholesale beads in bulk make many benefits, without jewelry beads we can not make any jewelry.

crystal beads earring, made by crystal beads provided by zaooThe first and foremost reason for buying beads in bulk is their cost effectiveness. There are so many beading supplies shops offline and online, either way, if you buy wholesale beads they may be offer you a discount. Beads bought in bulk come at highly affordable prices. Beaded jewelry has so popular nowadays that even a child also wants to make jewelry by herself. So purchase beads in bulk is a must for any jewelry designer.

The second reason is that buying different varieties of beads at wholesale prices gives one the opportunity to buy in bulk. Thus, one does not have to do the shopping for the necessary supply time and again while working on a project.

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Create jewelry with wood beads

Wood beads are made of wood and given various shapes like round, cube, oval, spiral, barrel, rectangular and that of various flowers, animals, leaves, etc. The beads have natural wood color and are often artificially colored. Some of the beads are available in polished form and yet few are unpolished. Beads manufacturers and wholesale beads suppliers make and supply all kinds of wood beads.

Wood Beads, Orange, Rice, about 6x4mm, with Hole of 1mm

wood beads

Next, let us talk about the use of wood beads.

They are used in garments and apparels.
The wood beads are also used in making jewelry like necklace and bracelet. The jewelry is individually hand crafted and each piece is unique.
Wood bead curtains are the most adorable thing at home and wood beads curtains are immensely used at the windows and doors. Generally it is the inside door that is decorated with wood bead curtain.

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Brief history of wood beads

As to beading with jewelry beads, there are unlimited possibilities of making attractive and personalized jewelry with those creative and cute beads. Today I will focus on wood beads. In the 1920s, The Western culture was introduced to the wood beads when almost all the other parts of the world had almost lived the era of these beads.

Wood Beads, Blue, Donut, about 3x4mm, with Hole of 1.5mm

wood beads

At the beginning of the 20th century, the western world again saw the trend of wood beads being brought back by high class fashion labels. This again encouraged people to wear the funky accessories made of wood. Although, wood beads came late into the Western world, however, they came to stay rather than vanish with time. Now wood beads are very popular in beaded jewelry business, it’s time wholesale wood beads and make a piece of jewelry with your family and child.

Resin cabochons, the detailed information

You may have cabochon jewelry in your jewelry box, but do you know what is a cabochon, and the usage of cabochons? For today’s DIY jewelry blog, I will tell you one by one. Cabochons are generally flat-bottomed to make it easier to adhere to projects. Resin flower cabochons are the most popular items used in beading, but some one may said, I know gemstone cabochons, as having a research on the internet, there will list so many gemstone cabochons information. Want to know more continue to visit my following article.

resin cabochons, flower, yellow color

resin cabochons

Firstly, let’s see cabochon in dictionary.

1. a precious stone of convex hemispherical or oval form, polished but not cut into facets. ornamental motif resembling this, either concave or convex and often surrounded by ornately carved leaf patterns, used on furniture of the 18th century.
1570–80; Middle French, equivalent to caboche head ( see cabbage )
Clou à tête décorative. – decorative head

In the past, cabochons are only made by gemstones, but now, they can be made of resin, metal, glass or other hard materials, and among so many cabochons resin cabochons are the most popular one.

You can use resin cabochons to make beaded jewelry and hair accessories. Resin cabochons also work well on all your home decor pieces and scrapbook pages. Welcome to our resin cabochons section at my wholesale beads website, in which you can find 597 resin flower cabochons, the shapes and colors are vary. Good in quality and competitive in price, do not miss them.

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Acrylic beads bring you into a world blazing with color

Acrylic beads also named as plastic beads. They have an appearance similar to glass beads. However, acrylic beads have properties that make it superior to glass beads in many ways. One of the advantages of acrylic beads is that they can wear for years. It has high durability and it wears well.

Acrylic Beads, Orange, Flower, 16x16x9mm

Acrylic Beads

Acrylic beads can be divided into many types such as AB-Plated acrylic beads, alphabet acrylic beads, antique acrylic beads, dice acrylic beads, dreamlike fancy acrylic beads, foil acrylic beads, jelly-like acrylic beads, miracle acrylic beads, pearl acrylic beads, solid acrylic beads, stardust acrylic beads, transparent acrylic beads. According to the shape of acrylic beads, they can also be divided into many types, like animal ones, butterfly ones, faceted ones, flower ones, heart ones, leaf ones, round and irregular ones. In a word, jewelry supplies and acrylic beads bring you into a world blazing with color and give you a feeling of fantastic.

Acrylic beads are an economical option to glass beads for the budget conscious. With vast improvement in technology, acrylic beads are durable, of high quality, affordable and extreme light. For these characters, acrylic beads are loved by many jewelry designers.

As one of the most famous jewelry suppliers and wholesale beads, we provide various kind of fabulous acrylic beads. You can enjoy free shipping if you pick up whatever you like. Moreover, there are many other kinds of beads you may interesting. Tibetan style beads and jewelry findings are all our bestseller. So just seize this opportunity and pick up whatever you like. Welcome to our site and you won’t be disappointed.

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Making Tibetan silver beads jewelry

Tibetan jewelry or named as Nepalese jewelry is also known as Himalayan jewelry which is made in Nepal or Tibet. Tibetan silver beads jewelry is made using sterling silver, Tibetan silver, and yak bone. Beautiful Tibetan jewelry, born with a mysterious piece of land given to it by magic, catches the attention of all.

Tibetan silver beads,made of zinc alloy, Antique Brass, Round, 6mm long, 6mm wide, 3.5mm thick, with one hole

Tibetan silver beads

Tibetan silver beads jewelry is considered to one of Tibetan art has always been girl’s best friend. Whether it’s elegant, fashionable or simple, Tibetan silver beads jewelry is perfectly beautiful, contributing to its beauty. Tibetan jewelry  are all handmade, each one is unique, you can purchase Tibetan silver beads to make your own Tibetan jewelry, there are so many wholesale beads stores provide Tibetan silver beads, you can easily find what your favorite ones.

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Resin flower cabochons-best choose for cabochon jewelry

Summer is coming, it’s the best season to wear beaded cabochon jewelry. We it comes to cabochon jewelry, you main think of the gemstone cabochons, acrylic cabochons first, but now, cabochons are not just made from gemstones, but also made of other materials such as the resin. Resin flower cabochons are the most popular cabochons nowadays.

resin flower cabochons, cabochon jewelry, summer jewelry

resin flower cabochons

As the many more pretty of colors of resin cabochons, these cabochons are spotlight for summer. You can enjoy the beauty of cabochon jewelry which is brought by resin flower cabochons. Fashion and Jewelry can never be seen separately, if you are a fashion person, why not miss these resin  cabochons, simple wholesale cabochons from wholesale beads stores and make you own ones.

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Best place to buy jewelry supplies

When it comes to beading, we can not make a jewelry piece without jewelry supplies. As to A good start is the half of success, so purchasing jewelry making supplies like wholesale beads, findings, wires, and tools for beading is the essential for handmade jewelry.

Tibetan style beads & charms

Tibetan style beads & charms

When buying products, we all want to meet a reputable seller. is such kind of supplier from china. We have 20,000+ beads, supplies and findings, and continue we launch new products every week. We aims to offer high quality beading needs at the lowest to all over the world with free shipping.

In addition to the website, we also provide our products at the platforms such as E-bay, Etsy, Alibaba… The jewelry supplies on my website and platforms are bought from China. Tibetan silver beads are best seller, while flower resin cabochons, clip on charms, European beads are all the new arrivals. Zacoo is an ideal place for you to purchasing jewelry making supplies.

Brief History and Awards about zacoo and my company

Apr 2004 Launched e-retail business of beads and jewelry findings in eBay in UK

Oct 2004 Won the “Power Seller” prize in eBay

Mar 2008 Launched

Aug 2008 Launched e-retail business of beads and jewelry findings in eBay in US

Dec 2009 Won the “Powerful Seller Golden Prize” in eBay

Dec 2009 Launched e-retail business of beads and jewelry findings in eBay in DE

May 2010 Launched

July 2010 Launched e-retail business of beads and jewelry findings in eBay in Australia

Sep 2010 Set up two warehouse in the South of China

Oct 2010 Won the “Top Rated Seller” prize in eBay

Dec 2010 Won “Good Buyers Satisfaction Powerful Seller Prize

May 2011 ZACOO beads and jewelry supplies are sold in over 55 countries worldwide

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Where to find discount beads?

As the variety of beads and the available of the lower cost, handmade jewelry with beads is becoming hot recently. Wholesale beads, supplies, findings all the beading needs, but to some extent, the beads take the 1/4 of the cost used to buy beading needs, so purchasing discount beads can save lots of your cost. Today I will teach you where to find the discount beads for jewelry designs.



Visit jewelry shops in your area and check their item’s prices. Take note of the costs and discounts of their jewelry displays. Internet is always a good source for beads, in fact you can find everything you can imagine. When you get home, searching the beads you have found in the jewelry shops, you will find there is plenty of wholesale beads seller. What’s more the price is much lower, and many sellers also providing free shipping all over the world. is this kind of beading needs supplier. They have new products every week, and the beautiful beads are new design and delicate craftsmanship. The high quality of beads, the lower price, and the free shipping make this seller welcomed by all the jewelry making buyers.

What is the real allure of beaded jewelry?

Are you a person who loves the beads in your jewelry? Are you a person who enjoys the shine of beads when you move your body slightly? Are you a person who loves the tiny sound made by the beads when you move your body? I am a jewelry lover, so I like it very much. I also love the fun of beading by myself. Making my own jewelry with my wholesale beads online is become my favorite hobby. Every one  can join in the beading jewelry, you also can beading. While when wearing the unique beaded jewelry made by yourself, it’s time to enjoy the satisfaction of wearing an exclusive piece of jewelry!

Resin Cabochons

Resin Cabochons

As the basis for most pieces of jewelry, jewelry beads are the best choice in charm jewelry. As to jewelry making with beads, there are so many ways and methods, for beads can be mixed and matched to create original jewelry pieces, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and what ever else. So when designing a unique piece of jewelry, a person can coordinate different beads, which is the real allure of beaded jewelry.

My DIY jewelry blog is full of information about beads and jewelry making findings, which contains what are jewelry supplieswhat are beads? what is a bail and the types of bails, and so many others that i can not list one by one, i also give some jewelry making ideas such as teach you to make crystal beaded necklace, there are so many benefits of making your own jewelry, why not have a try and keep to update with the latest jewelry making trends.

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