Create jewelry with wood beads

Wood beads are made of wood and given various shapes like round, cube, oval, spiral, barrel, rectangular and that of various flowers, animals, leaves, etc. The beads have natural wood color and are often artificially colored. Some of the beads are available in polished form and yet few are unpolished. Beads manufacturers and wholesale beads suppliers make and supply all kinds of wood beads.

Wood Beads, Orange, Rice, about 6x4mm, with Hole of 1mm

wood beads

Next, let us talk about the use of wood beads.

They are used in garments and apparels.
The wood beads are also used in making jewelry like necklace and bracelet. The jewelry is individually hand crafted and each piece is unique.
Wood bead curtains are the most adorable thing at home and wood beads curtains are immensely used at the windows and doors. Generally it is the inside door that is decorated with wood bead curtain.

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Brief history of wood beads

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Brief history of wood beads

As to beading with jewelry beads, there are unlimited possibilities of making attractive and personalized jewelry with those creative and cute beads. Today I will focus on wood beads. In the 1920s, The Western culture was introduced to the wood beads when almost all the other parts of the world had almost lived the era of these beads.

Wood Beads, Blue, Donut, about 3x4mm, with Hole of 1.5mm

wood beads

At the beginning of the 20th century, the western world again saw the trend of wood beads being brought back by high class fashion labels. This again encouraged people to wear the funky accessories made of wood. Although, wood beads came late into the Western world, however, they came to stay rather than vanish with time. Now wood beads are very popular in beaded jewelry business, it’s time wholesale wood beads and make a piece of jewelry with your family and child.

What are jewelry supplies?

In life the best enjoyment is what you do is you like to do, and jewelry making does. Whether a person starts her jewelry for herself, or as gift to others, as long as she loves the process of beading, she has been success in beading. As to handmade jewelry, one need to get all the needed jewelry supplies first, for instance, beads, findings, and jewelry making tools.

Resin Cabochons

Resin Cabochons

As to beads, they come in various choose, including glass beads, gemstone beads, metal beads, Tibetan silver beads, Pandora style beads, European beads, wood beads, lampwork beads, acrylic beads, etc. Finding also has a wide range selection for you too. At the same time, I would like to remind you all that please don’t ignore the effect of jewelry tools for making jewelry. Choosing the correct jewelry tools can let the result much difference. Jewelry supplies for beaded jewelry, beading jewelry and handmade fashion jewelry, so get perfect jewelry making supplies first, and then start your jewelry design.

The more you know about the jewelry making supplies, the more you love beading, and the better your jewelry designs. Our DIY jewelry will always welcome all of you jewelry lovers, and we are happy to share the fun of beading.

Red agate given you jewelry more natural

The use of more earthy and natural elements in beaded jewelry has become more popular today, as beaded jewelry evolved from different cultures around the world. More and more fashion people join to beaded jewelry making, so you should learn  how to keep to update with the latest jewelry making trends. Jewelry made by yourself can be used for decoration, ceremonies and more. Just as there are many techniques in jewelry making, there are many different wholesale beads. The fact is that there are so many different types of beads which can be used to make jewelry. Choose your kind of jewelry beads.

Red Agate

Red Agate

SKU: GS0299, Red Agate, Chips shape, 6mm-8mm

What are gemstone beads and what is the advantage of gemstone beads? Red agate is one kind of gemstone beads, these are beautiful and natural. If you are creating an add-on to your handbag or creating a necklace, you may want more natural products to use. Consider gemstone beads and gemstone pendants. For more detailed information please visit: Gemstone Beads, Red Agate, Red, 6mm-8mm Chips. Sold per pkg of 2 2 strands (36 inches).

You may, on the other hand, be looking for something more elegant and classic such as glass pearls. Fall in love with jewelry beads in 2011: Metal beads do the exact opposite and offer a very modern look to them, even when they have intricate detailing in place. Nut beads and shell beads are other options and these often give a more natural, earthy feel to the finished jewelry piece. Wood beads offer a similar relationship… our jewelry making blog is focus on the knowledge of all kind of jewelry beads, but also jewelry making ideas, or the how to make jewelry, which maybe help for you.

Keep to update with the latest jewelry making trends

Wood beads are a prolific source of accessory, as its diverse characteristic. In fact, wood beads have been considered as natural adornment when civilization was still young. Using wood beads for beaded jewelry maybe a new trend. Wood beads are diverse in shapes and sizes. I call it a “hard malleable” material to use for jewelry making. There are many varieties of wood beads including redwood, palm, rose wood, coconut wood, and even bamboo. And all these variety of wood wholesale beads turn out to be useful pieces of wood beads jewelry.

wood beads

wood beads

SKU: WB0021, Pink Color, Donut shape, 3x4mm bead size, with one hole

It’s time that you make your own piece of jewelry using your handmade wood beads. Making wood jewelry is really simple, and enjoying the fun of beading jewelry with beads. Wood jewelry making is just like stringing these jewelry beads together like any other beads you normally use in beads jewelry making. And if you want to know more about the jewelry making, our jewelry making blog is a quick tutorial. You need to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in bead jewelry fashion to make yourself go with the flow. Click here for more information about this wood beads: Wood Beads, made of wood, Pink, Donut, 4mm long, 3mm thick, with one hole, Sold per pkg of 30grams (approx 1200pcs per pkg)

Using wood beads for beaded jewelry

Wood beads just as the name are given, which are made of wood and given various shapes like round, cube, oval, barrel, rectangular and that of various flowers, animals, leaves, and etc. Wood beads have there own style, such as carved wood beads, dyed wood beads, natural beads, patterned wood beads. online wholesale beads store offer the new shape, various colors of wood beads, these fashion beads can be used for beaded necklace, bracelets, and even other jewelry items. Buying wood beads from zacoo with free shipping, and buy more get more discount.

Here are some detailed information about wood beads.

wood beads
wood beads

SKU: WB0064,

White color,

Rice shape,

and the bead size are 6mm long, 4mm thick.

Wood Beads, made of wood, White, Rice, 6mm long, 4mm thick, with one hole, Sold per pkg of 30grams (approx 690pcs per pkg). These Wood Beads can be used for garments and apparels, These wood beads are also used in making jewelry like necklace and bracelet. You can find this product from, Wood Beads, White, Rice, 6x4mm. Sold per pkg of 30grams, approx 690pcs per pkg.

Beautiful wood beads ha? Wood beads can be widely used for jewelry and costume jewelry, and you can make jewelry by wood beads, if you want to know how to make jewelry by wood beads, you can visit Making jewelry with wood beads and jewelry charms

And if you want to know more about jewelry making tips, you can visit our jewelry making blog and find what you want to learn.

Making jewelry with wood beads and jewelry charms

Wood beads have been common across many cultures in their traditional forms of jewelry and adornment. Wood is not just for decoration! Rich colors and beautiful natural wood grain makes it an ideal material for making jewelry unusual. There are three benefits of Wood wholesale beads: Firstly, the lightness of wood beads makes them great for chunky bracelets and necklaces. They can create a very chunky look without the weight of regular jewelry beads; Secondly, they can be naturally treated, painted, stained or sanded to give stunning range of effects; Thirdly, wood beads can be carved into shapes like animals, patterns or symbols, and this craftsmanship can be extremely impressive; Fourthly, The softness of wood makes it easy to fashion into a bead through carving a hole and making the exterior smooth.
Jewelry charms can be used in conjunction with beads to create interesting pieces. They can also be used alone as a pendant on a necklace, or drop on an earring. Jewelry charms can be very versatile. There are many beaded craft online stores providing such jewelry supplies. Held in place in the jewelry by a small hole through their top, jewelry charms are usually used with jump-rings (one kind of jewelry findings, used to make connections between various parts of a piece of jewelry, such as beads and clasps or beads and ear wires.). Jump-rings hold the jewelry charm in place, so that it faces the correct way. Jewelry charms are usually only patterned on one side, so the use of a jump-ring can be extremely important to ensure that the decorative side is showing.