Useful Jewelry Bags,Delicate Your Jewelry

Jewelry bags are essential jewelry supplies for your jewelry business that make your goods stand out! When it comes to gift giving, even the packaging can be a beautiful present.

Jewelry bags are just like the clothes of beads, supplies, jewelries, and you will never know how much weight people judge things at their first sight.

Putting the same beads in designable pouches and simple plastic bags, the customer shopping experience may totally different. Therefor make sure, you items are well decorated and protected with a delicate jewelry bag can immediate increase favorable impression on your goods or even your company.

Zacoo selected 40 types of jewelry bags made of organza with draw strings, 20 colors, with size of 70mm length and 90mm height.

If you like simple style, you can choose from 20 solid color bags. If you want to choose a romantic and delicate style, jewelry bags printed with rose flowers and heart may satisfied your needs.

Choose from our selection of gift bags and pouches to add another individual touch to your gifts. Use these items as they are, or choose to embellish them to match the theme of the gift.