What are toggle clasps?

There is already a post about clasps in my jewelry blog, I think some friends have find it. Yes, it’s what are jewelry clasps. Clasps are given different types, today I will talk about one of them- toggle clasps. Toggle clasps are one of the most popular jewelry clasps-both for their functionality and for their contribution to the overall design of the piece of jewelry. Toggle clasp also known as “toggle” is a two piece clasp that is attached to opposite ends of a piece of jewelry. One section of the clasp has an open center (round, square, oval, or some other shaped-opening). The other half is a T-bar that attaches to the components at the other end. You insert the “T” into the hole which holds the worn jewelry in place.

toggle clasps

toggle clasps

As they are very easy to put on and take off, these kinds of clasps are widely used to secure bracelets, anklet, and necklaces. If you have an especially interesting or attractive toggle, then in the design of your necklaces, the clasp can be designed to rest to the side or at the bottom of pendants, rather than at the back.

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