Splendorous solid colors, smooth surface, playful bug sculpture in each piece, simple decoration of lines and dot….All recall your colorful memorial of your childhood?

Yes, they are Zacoo’s new arrival for November – Delicious lampwork patterns in vegetable and fruit design. They are colorful, fun and whimsical and truly estate style and moves your jewelry and necklace from office to elegant dining.

Technically speaking, they are medium-sized pendants, about 50 millimeters that can be focal pendants for your projects. Permanent glass bail features a large hole of 6mm that easily slides through wax cord or leather cord.

The main parts of lampwork pendants are created with solid color glass. Sprinkling bright colors result in a charming and colorful delicious fruits.

The biggest character I want to mention is that each type owns six different colors that break through the common sense of people by existing a brand new look with totally different colors. Surprised to see yellow watermelons, white apples, blue corns? It’s no big deal just add new flavors and fantasy to the old and traditional !

Selected for their special and odd colors, these pendants will add new flavors to your designs. One but not the least, now to buy vegetable and fruit style lamp works Glass Pendants, gets a wax cord necklace for free and enjoy airmail shipping for free.


Apple, lemon, cherry, strawberry, pears, pineapple, eggplant, cucumbers, tomato etc. all together twenty more kinds of daily vegetables and fruits, there is always one for your favorite.

Hurry in before they are eaten!