Tibetan silver is a name, is actually an alloy, and where speaking in Tibetan, Tibetan silver is actually a copper-nickel alloy. Tibetan Style Beads is a white copper (copper-nickel alloy) Blair said, Tibetan silver traditionally Tibetan silver as thirty percent of seventy percent silver with copper. Because the silver content is too low, so now the market has not seen, and to completely replace copper-nickel alloy.
Tibetan silver silver-containing is lower than in the liberation of Tibet is very poor and backward, silver and rare. In order to avoid alkaline corrosion of silver added to the other metals put inside, a long time to become a technology of the. Tibetan Style Beads is very popular now, and Pandora Style Beads and Jewelry Charms is the mostly popular.  
Sterling silver jewelry work point of view, Tibetan silver jewelry to delicate than in some large stones and inlay are real turquoise, red coral, the stone quality is better, its brightness is stronger than the Tibetan silver, Tibetan silver compared to the Under the original number of more simple, sterling silver Tibetan silver of course much more expensive than friends.
Purchase method
1, filed Tibetan silver jewelry made of inlaid stone, many people thought that it was from Tibet, this is really being "Tibetan silver" misled by the title. In fact, Tibetan silver refers to the high purity silver. Tibetan silver mixed with other metals, hardness is relatively high, carved in the above complex patterns, which India, Nepal and other handmade jewelry in the Middle East to use more of silver.
When buy Jewelry Beads made in fact, to distinguish between true and false Tibetan silver is not difficult. Tibetan silver jewelry carving patterns really fine clear, bright shiny silver reflection; fake Tibetan silver jewelry carving pattern which seems rather ambiguous, reflective gloss dark silver, almost invisible.
2, this exotic-style jewelry will generally inset, these stones are natural, but the market will always be many imitations, to how to identify it? Really seemed more transparent rock crystal generally good gloss; and it appears that a stone replica of lost its luster, light, plain color, no sense of permeability.